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Our members may learn through our blogs.

The blogs offer a platform for experienced audio professionals to share concepts and insights within the community. Many of our bloggers are well-known industry professionals.

Email Discussion Group & New Forum

Our Email Discussion Group allows our members to work together, exchange information and ideas and solve problems. A long-time staple for SynAudCon members, the email discussion groups continues to inspire conversation among industry professionals. Read the testimonials to see what the Email Discussion Group means to some of our participants. Click here if you would like to take part in this group.

New Forum Now Available!

In addition to the email discussion group SynAudCon has launched interactive forum to compliment the discussion group. SynAudCon members can get access to the forum using the same login/password as they do for other member-only areas of the site. To post on the forum, please sign up with the Email Discussion Group.

SynAudCon Member Library

Our on-line library spans four decades of technical publishing, much of it converted to electronic format.

The Members have access to:

  • SynAudCon Newsletter Archives
  • SynAudCon & Members Shared Files, including test WAVs
  • The IR Exchange, which allows our members to share room measurements for collaboration and discussion.

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The SynAudCon Member Directory is a convenient way to find audio professionals from all areas of expertise. SynAudCon members have provided contact information, experience, certifications and industry affiliations. Looking for an accomplished professional to aid with your next project? Look no further than the SynAudCon Member Directory.

Members may also post their listings on SynAudCon Classifieds Section.

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